It is difficult for any established business to consistently invent revolutionary product technologies since the majority of their energy and personnel are usually focused on activities that are necessary to generate revenue. Many companies also do not have departments with the skills, experience, resources, or authorization to develop radical new approaches that differ significantly from their existing product lines. Obtaining internal support for projects that are not even being requested by the customer can be especially daunting. How realistic is it to ask someone who has spent their entire career in a box to "think outside the box" especially when there is a chance that the solution will put them out of a job?

Final Forge was founded to help our customers overcome this challenge by working as a business partner in parallel. We are uniquely positioned to develop creative solutions while having the operational experience and resources to bring them to fruition. By taking responsibility for putting a new technology into production and having it generate revenue prior to sustainment transition, we relieve significant risk and burden from the process. This also affords companies time to prepare internal resources who will ultimately be tasked with taking over the new capability without disrupting their day-to-day activities beforehand.

In select cases, Final Forge will entirely self-fund an opportunity in exchange for equity later on once it is successful. This removes cost and risk pressure from the equation so companies have nothing to lose by pushing the envelope with the latest ground-breaking concepts.

Consider Final Forge the next time you have a great idea that needs to become a great product solution.