Most people believe that great ideas make great products and technologies.

We disagree.

Creating a machine to enable humans to fly is a great idea, but this idea did not create the airplane. The idea existed for hundreds of years and yet - there was still no airplane. The airplane while inspired by this idea, resulted from critical problem solving, rare ingenuity, and mastery of engineering and mechanics.

It seems that everywhere we turn there are self-proclaimed experts and strategic consultants professing to have the latest recipe for success. But often they do not understand the difference between a great idea and a great solution. They recommend ideas that respond to market opportunities without recognizing the technical realization their approaches will require. Innovation does not happen by simply tasking the engineering department to do things better, otherwise it would be commonplace.

We believe that ideas do not become great products unless the people solving the detailed technical challenges have a clear vision of exactly what "great" means. This is where Final Forge comes in.

Our experienced team of industry professionals has spent the past twenty years developing state-of-the-art, body-borne equipment which has successfully disrupted pre-existing industry leaders by capturing a majority of their market share with game-changing solutions. We have a proven track record of not just creating the best innovative products but also building great technology brands and bringing them to market. Our skill and specialized insight in this field can also provide leaps in technology that are well ahead of their time and afford many years of sales growth with little to no competition.